FOTOS de Mònica Figueras

Le Nais is an artist, composer and songwriter from Barcelona, and she just launched her debut album ‘Am I’ after a very busy year playing at festivals such as Primavera Sound ’22, Pedralbes Fest, MMVV, opening for Julien Baker at Apolo Barcelona and presenting the new album at Sala Laut this past 5th of November.

Following several years spent at a music conservatory, she took a pause from the art itself due to a sense of disenchantment and, despite acknowledging the fundamental role that music had played in her life. A few years later, she started composing again. Every afternoon, a guitar in hands, on her living room floor. She once more felt the ardent desire to connect with her primitive self and express emotions through music. A tough chapter in her private life led her to the writing of lyrics and poetry as a form of cathartic experience, in view to reflect upon hardened sentiments and release them. In parallel, she kept composing and exploring diverse musical avenues, thereby delineating the sound of her first songs.

She first released a single in 2019 and her debut EP ‘When I can’t speak but I can sing’ in 2020, followed by some singles.

With only three singles out, she was booked for PRIMAVERA SOUND 20’ and 21′. Due to the sanitary crisis though, her performance had to be re-scheduled to the latest edition 2022.

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